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Policies that encourage child protection

Policies that encourage child protection :

  • Children should always be supervised whilst on the Temple premises.
  • All persons that are in contact with children need to go through the Temple’s screening process.
  • Those that have associate with children need to have undergone Child Protection training and are aware of ISKCON policies.
  • Regular awareness campaigns to educate children and adults on prevention of child abuse.

What to do if someone tells you that they have been abused?

  • Do not panic.  Show them that you believe them.  They would have never disclosed this if they did not trust you – show the same inclination.
  • Provide reassurance, the proper help will be sought.
  • Offer assurance that it is not their fault but rather the fault of the person who committed the abuse.
  • Be positive!  Do not make everything seem impossible, dark and gloomy.
  • Make sure the child is out of danger.
  • It is your legal obligation to report any child abuse to the legal authority of the country.

Increase Child Protection in your Community

  • Ensure that there are proper child safety policies
  • Make sure there are comprehensive screening-process that are in place for anyone who is working with childen
  • Point victims to the proper help, have a data-base of professionals at hand
  • Educational and awareness campaigns are essential
  • Never underestimate the role of the local Child Protection Team
  • Never leave a child without a responsible adult supervision.


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