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ISKCON’s Central Office of Child Protection is based in Durban, South Africa and is headed by Champakalata dasi, a disciple of Indradyumna Swami. Being the global office for child protection, this office attends to receiving worldwide complaints of child abuse as well as facilitating the investigative and adjudicating processes. To ensure the proper infrastructure to attend to these responsibilities are in place, the office conducts regular training seminars across the world and serves as a resource for information, screening and providing guidance to Child Protection Teams (CPTs)

Champakalata dasi
International Director for ISKCON’s Central Office of Child Protection

Champakalata desi As a young girl, Champakalata was introduced to Krishna consciousness by her parents in 1978. After completing her secondary school education, she went on to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree (majoring in English and Legal Studies) and then completed her Bachelor of Law Degree in 1992, whereafter she completed her articles of clerkship at a law firm and then wrote her Attorneys’ Admission exams. She has own law firm and has been a practising attorney in criminal law, real estate law and labor law since 1995. She is regularly called upon by the Department of Labor in South Africa to preside over compensation claim hearings. She also holds a post-graduate degree in Education and lectures part-time at tertiary institutions.

In her devotional career, she has served as Communications Director for ISKCON Durban since 1988 and as legal advisor since 1995. Her experience in communications and public relations experience as well as legal and teaching background are particularly helpful in her service as International Director for Child Protection. She has also completed a counselling skills course and is utilising these skills in her service. Champakalata has presented child protection seminars in South Africa, India, UK, Belgium and Sweden. Her priority focus areas are to educate children to prevent abuse, assist parents with the necessary coping and parenting skills. Furthermore, she was to ensure that CPTs adequately equipped with the necessary skills to deal with a disclosure of abuse. Champakalata is married and has a daughter.

Champakalata dasi may be contacted via e-mail: or
Telephone: +27 (0)82 824 2203 (South Africa)

Citrarupini devi dasi
Regional Child Protection Director for Europe

Citrarupini In 1973 whilst on holiday, Italian-born, Citrarupini devi dasi met Srila Prabhupada at Ratha Yatra in London for the first time and was introduced to Krishna consciousness. This was a life-changing experience and she began visiting the first temple in Rome when in opened in 1974. Srila Prabhupada awarded her first and second initiation in December 1975 and July 1976 in Italy and New Mayapur, France respectively.

Ever since then, Citrarupini devi dasi has been engaged in various services, doing the “needful” whenever required. Her service history includes, book distribution, travelling sankirtana, preaching programs, harinama, pujari, secretary, public relations, bhaktin program leader, guests’ program co-ordinator, devotee care, secretary of local GBC office, Gurukula teacher, congregational development, interfaith programs, and Govinda’s restaurant. She has served in various temples and centers across Italy. In 1987 upon the birth of her son, Madhavananda dasa, she began her new life and service as mother. She moved into the the wonderful community at Villaggio Hare Krishna in 1993 and has been based there ever since. Her current services include developing the devotee community, devotee care and being a member of the Board for initiations (assisting devotees to study for the initiation test). Furthermore, she is engaged in preaching, guests programs, festivals, harinama and deity department. Also, from 2005 she has facilitated the hosting of the European leaders’ meetings. Citrarupini devi dasi received her first official training in child protection in 1999 and immediately thereafter formed a Child Protectionn Team in Villagio Hare Krishna. She has also been serving as a CPO review panellist, adjudicating cases. In November 2005 she assisted the erstwhile CPO director, Tamohara prabhu to conduct training in Prabhupadadesh and in 2007 attended a refresher child protection course in Mayapur. During the last few years she has established relationships with other child protection organizations in Italy and is regularly invited by them to child protection conferences. She is highly respected for her proactive initiatives in preventing abuse within a religious context and addressing issues of abuse. She believes that it is very important to protect Krishna’s children from harm, abuse and neglect; and states that this is a critical responsibility for every ISKCON temple, school and project.

Her key focus areas are implementing active screening processes, educating children and forming CPTs all over Europe. She exhibits a balanced view on issues, detached objectivity, and is reputed for making decisions based on facts and not sentiment.
Citrarupini devi dasi can be contacted via e-mail:

Lilasuka dasi
Regional Child Protection Director for North America

Lilasuka dasi Lilasuka dasi is a disciple of Srila Bir Krsna das Goswami. She is originally from New Orleans, La currently residing in Alachua, FL. She has served in child protection within ISKCON since 2004. Lilasuka dasi brings a variety of experience in child abuse response and prevention to this office. She was a Community Educator with the Orange County Rape Crisis Center in North Carolina and has supported families and individuals as they process the difficult reality of child abuse affecting their lives. In ISKCON she has given safe touch presentations at temples and festivals such as Kuli Mela in New Vrindavan. She organized a successful North American Child Protection Conference in 2006 for managers and child protection team members. This North American Office is a step to further develop a culture of child protection awareness and child abuse prevention through community education and participation.

Lilasuka dasi can be contacted via e-mail: Telephone: 352-575-0780 (USA)


DSC_0336Krsangi Radhe dasi resides in Durban, South Africa and is a disciple of H.H Indradyumna Swami.  She has been raised in Krishna Consciousness and is involved in many service areas.  Academically she holds a Bachelor of Social Science Degree, a postgraduate qualification in Education as well as  Diploma in Public Relations and is registered with the South African Teachers Association and The Public Relations Institute of South Africa.


Her current focus areas in the Central Office of Child Protection are administrative duties, case management, establishing Child Protection Teams, research and development of resources.  Her other services include writing for the local Hare Krishna Newsletter wherein she is the ‘God Conscious Parenting’ columnist.  You will find many of her articles under the forum tab of this website.


Having understood and appreciated the important duty of motherhood, Krsangi Radhe resigned from her position as a High School language teacher and school counsellor.  She devotes her time to her two daughters and is fully involved with child related services.  She co-ordinated the successful Little Gokul Childrens Village at Durban’s Ratha Yatra festival and hosts Summer and Winter Krishna Kid’s Retreats at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanatha Temple.


Her aspirations are to empower children through Vedic practice.  Her academic, counselling and spiritual background as well as inter-personal relations, places her in good stead in dealing with both adults and children alike.


She can be contacted on :


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