Child Protection
It’s (Y)our Duty!

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 Check in your community:

  • Is there a Child Protection Team (CPT)?
  • Are there screening procedures for staff and volunteers?
  • Are the Official Decisions issued by the APVC available in the temple office?
  • And is the management familiar with their content?
  • Are the children and adults educated on these issues?

 Educate yourself:

  • What is child abuse.
  • What are the possible indicators of child abuse and neglect.
  • What should you do if you suspect child maltreatment.
  • ISKCON laws on child protection and the responsibility of each temple (ISKCON Law Book 19.3).

    Get acquainted
     with local laws concerning child abuse.

    Break the silence by speaking openly about the existence of abuse.

    Ask a child abuse specialist to speak to the congregation.

    Offer prevention education programs for children in Sunday school and Gurukula.

    Provide parenting classes and support groups for parents under pressure.Become a Child Protection Team member.Send a donation to the CPO:
    ISKCON Office of Child Protection 
    P.O. Box 272
    Umbongintwini, 4120, South Africa
    Phone: +27(0)82 824 2203

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