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Our mission is to protect the children of Srila Prabhupada’s Movement from child abuse and neglect. By doing so, we strengthen the future of the Movement —the children—while providing an example to the world of a spiritual society that practices compassionate caring and protection.



What is Child Abuse

Types of Abuse & Neglect
Definition of a child : 0-18 years old, depending on the particular country or jurisdiction.

NEGLECT- Wherein parent / guardian fails to provide the child with basic needs, love and care.

PHYSICAL ABUSE- Wherein parent / guardian, with intention, physically injures a child. This could also be as a result of unrestrained or overzealous attempts to discipline.

SEXUAL ABUSE- occurs when perpetrators (male or female) use a child to meet their own sexual needs, where a child is coerced (physical / verbal), induced, persuaded, enticed, seduced, or entrapped into sexual acts with another person. The coercion can be either physical or verbal.

PSYCHOLOGICAL / EMOTIONAL ABUSE – is the persistent emotional ill-treatment of a child such as to cause severe and lasting adverse effects on the child’s emotional development.

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Child Protection Teams

The Child Protection Team Handbook is a comprehensive guide for leaders and Child Protection Team Members. Download here


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