sandipani muniWe understand that it takes courage to tell someone of abuse.  You may feel that it is your fault that bad things are happening to you, or that you should not be complaining about something that really is not ‘that important’.  You may also feel that your aunt, uncle, care-giver, mum or dad will never hurt you, so you begin believing that indeed they have done nothing wrong.

Remember, that if you are unhappy and something is troubling you – you need to speak about it.  Speak to someone you trust, someone close to you.  They will not judge you and neither will they think that you are crazy.  Think of a trusting adult and reveal your mind and heart.

ISKCON takes child protection very seriously.  That is why there is a separate department called the Child Protection Office (CPO).  The CPO has been requested to deal with all matters of abuse whether physical, emotional, sexual or acts of neglect.  The CPO will treat any disclosure as confidential.  If there is a problem, the CPO will have to disclose this to the relevant people, in order to assist you.  Nobody else will know.

Every temple has a special team under the CPO.  The team is call the Child Protection Team (CPT) and they are fully trained to deal with matters of abuse.  CPT members are loving and caring members of the Temple who has taken up the service to help children.  You are not alone, a CPT member will be able help you discuss anything that is bothering you.

We can’t help if we don’t know!

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